We are always searching for new music, but in the end greatness is more important than freshness!

Carl Craig, Terrence Parker & Reno Ka - Finally (Long Mix)

Cassius - Rock Number One (Kim Remix) (Virgin) [2007]

Kickstarting the week with this funky, disco flavored piece of goodness! 


Cut Copy - Free Your Mind (Fort Romeau Remix) (Modular Recordings) [2013]

Disco friday!!!


HNNY - Kela (Shakarchi & Stranéus Remix) (Let’s Play House) [2013]

Hellz yezzz!!! I love this one! Gothenburg duo Shakarchi & Stranéus never seem to disappoint me and besides from being amazing producers they are also truly nice dudes!


Letherette - After Dawn (Barker & Baumecker Remix) [Ninja Tune] 2013

Really strong and diverse release from classic label Ninja Tune. Digging this remix, peak hour stuff!!


Max Graef - Kaese Schinken Floete [Box Aus Holz] 2013

It wasn’t even that long ago that I first heard about Max Graef but he already released a handful of tracks that I absolutely love! This one being the latest, thank you sir Graef!!!


Roland Nights - To The Point

Ben Pierce - Just Enough (Real Connoisseur Remix) 2013

Osborne - All Night (Tuff City Kids Remix) [Spectral] 2013

Last night @ Vinci (Borås, Sweden) I did my best gig so far this year. Can’t wipe that smile of my face!!!


S Jay - I Got You [Love Not Money] 2013

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